Sunday, June 13, 2010

Video Game; Majesty 2

Part Sim, part RPG, part RTS; Majesty 2

The game would be absolutely incredibly addictive if they had taken the time to include the standard option that most "Warcraft-Style" games include; Single-mission customization! Where you can customize your map choice, your opponents, the number of players, and so forth. As seen in Age of Empires, this single-mission customization option is what creates replay-ability.


Majesty 2 has a good sense of humor. The story-line made me laugh a lot, although it's a liner story-line and a fairly liner campaign, so there is no real replay value in it. I paid $10 for the game, which I think is a good price for what y

It's an interesting take on the real-time strategy and kingdom sim genres. Half of the game is like any empire-building game, or in this case; kingdom-building game, but with a twist on the real-time-strategy part when it came to quests. With full control over what to build and research on, the real-time-strategy part was left to your heroes. The only way to control your heroes to attack, defend or explore, was to offer bounties.

Some people have found that the bounty and hero system makes the game a drag. I, however, love this aspect, because you're essentially creating quests for your heroes. I would love to see this system implemented in new games to come, that hopefully come with more customization options.


Placing bounties on certain targets earns money for heroes, who then spend their hard-earned money on weapon or armor upgrades, and spells or potions. This will lead you to open more markets, research spells, weapons and armor, resulting in your heroes getting better at what they do and being able to complete more quests that you create for them.


Once you get past the first couple of missions, you gain the ability to build a tavern which allows you to put your heroes in parties up to four. I wish they had included this one or two missions sooner, since it's a very essential aspect of the game. It allows you to control your heroes in a second indirect way; by making sure the young and silly heroes (the low levels) have a higher level with them. (There are other bonuses as well, like having an elf in the party makes the entire party a bit faster.)


The game is good, but may require the expansions to really be a 'full' game. It's a good time-filler for a while between more epic games, if nothing else.

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